Update! New Category! More!

I don’t know why this one took so long but it’s high time I added a Bookstores & Thriftstores category. Why both? There are books all over the place and I want you to know what stores have them.

I have to say that putting this list together is helping me discover Edmonton in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible before. Just when you think you’ve been everywhere and seen everything, something new comes along or you realize you forgot something that should have been there from the start. I’m beginning to think that by the time I get everyone who is already out there, I’ll have to start all over with the new Businesses that have sprung up in the mean time. Here we go again…. 🙂

In other news, now that the lists have completely migrated to actual menu options, I’m lacking for things to put on the front page. This means either I use it as a blog like it was supposed to be from the start or I start recruiting people to help fill it… actually that’s not a bad idea.

The hours are terrible and I don’t have any money to pay anything but I’ll link to your articles on local nerdiness and maybe help a few people find your site or page. It fits in with my goal of building a stronger, nerdier community so just let me know if you want some extra spotlight on the fine work you’re already doing.


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