Edmonton LARP

It kind of came to my attention that although we have a lot of resources listed… it’s not very clear where they all are for people to access. Time to add some categories!

Let’s start with an under-served community like LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing). I feel bad about not highlighting it earlier. To make up for it, here we go!


If you’re looking to walk in and talk to someone, Tall Tale Events & Gaming is not only an awesome retail store in its own right; but also the home of the Underworld LARP in Edmonton. Definitely the best place to get started if you’re YEG and looking to LARP.

Tall Tale Events & Gaming
14448-118 ave

Game Designers

Edmonton is also home to 4th Dimension Labs, the designers of the the upcoming supernatural Hunter Corp. LARP. Check them out at:

4th Dimension Labs​
Live-Action Role-Playing Games

Facebook Groups:

No shortage of groups in Edmonton either… browse through and see the thriving community that exists here!

Edmonton LARP Factory
Platform for organizing & playing freeform LARPs in the Edmonton Area

Edmonton LARPers
A community for Edmonton LARPers to meet, chat, brainstorm, etc.

Edmonton LARPers Market
LARPing crafting and services.

Harvest LARP: You reap what you sow
Everything related to the Harvest LARP

Live Action Role-Players’ Guild of Edmonton
Facilitating Live Action Role-Playing in Edmonton & Alberta
Pale Horse LARP
For players of Pale Horse

Sunfall Role-Playing Game
People who play the LARP game “Sunfall” in Edmonton

Starfall LARP
Everything to do With the Starfall LARP

Underworld Kalidor LARP-Edmonton Guild house
For players of the Underworld LARP in Edmonton