Weekend Roundup April 29-April 30

It might not have felt like it to most of you; but it was actually supposed to be the slow season for Nerdy Events in the last month or so. Well, the busy season is officially here now…

For starters, the Calgary Expo is on this weekend so a lot of you are probably reading this while on a bus on the way there… May your Cosplay look and function exactly as you wanted it to… or better!

For everyone else that’s still in Edmonton, here’s a bunch of Nerdy things going on around town (In addition to your local store or cafe’s regular weekly events):


-The EPL Makerspace is having a Board Game Night at 6pm (Complete with 3D printer).
-The Tolkien Literary Guid of Edmonton has their next meet-up tonight at 7pm.


-International Table Top Day is being celebrated at the Table Top Cafe (Both locations) and the Hexagon Board Game Cafe.
Intentional Table Top Daze is going on at Mission: Fun & Games
The Buckingham Pub is having a Harry Potter Appreciation Day

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