Weekend Update: June 10-June 12

As usual there’s a variety of Nerdy things to do in Edmonton (If you’re not making the drive down to the Red Deer Expo that is…). If you’re a Magic: The Gathering player, I should mention that Eternal Masters is releasing this weekend. Featuring a lineup of cards from throughout the history of the game. Stock is pretty limited though so it’s interesting to see how every store in town is doing something different with their supply. Check out www.mtgEdmonton.ca for more details.


-EPL Makerspace has a cool Retro Video Gaming Night.
-Eternal Masters MTG releases. Check your Wizard’s Play Network store for more details (they’re the only ones who’ll have it).
-The Winspear Centre has the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performing some of the most memorable TV themes as well as Trivia and a live Game Show on Stage.


Warp 2 has an LCG event weekend. On Saturday it’s Netrunner.
-Your last chance to catch a Dungeons & Dragons Musical, Echoes of A Lost King.
-You can also be a part of a day-long “Tabletop Flash Mob” and play for up to 12 hours at the Aviation Museum (It’s free but the concession is raising money for the Cadets).
-There’s also an Alpha test of the upcoming Harvest LARP.


Warp 2‘s Sunday LCG event is Game of Thrones.
-Mission: Fun & Games is having an Eternal Masters Draft.


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