Weekend Update: July 8-10

You do enough of these updates and you start to see the trends. The EPL’s Makerspace always has something fun & different to do on Friday nights (this time it’s League Of Legends) and Table Top Cafe always has a different tournament on Saturdays. This is just a selection as well. Your favourite local comic & gaming store likely has a whole pile of regularly scheduled weekly events as well. If we’ve missed anything unique, please let us know at info@EdmontonNerdList.com and we’ll add your event too!


-The EPL Makerspace has a League Of Legends Game Night.


Metro Cinema has a Wayne’s World Quote-A-Long.
Table Top Cafe has their Ticket To Ride Tournament.
Knights of The Northern Realm are having their 14th-Century Living History Class.
Avalon Knights is kicking off their Magic: The Gathering Junior League (No age restriction as of yet) (Also, no link but see their Facebook page for more details.)


-FaceToFace Games is having their big Magic: The Gathering Tournament.

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