Weekend Update: July 22-July 24

This weekend is about three things. KDays, LARGECon and Pokémon Go. Odds are pretty good that if you’re reading this, you’ll be involved with one of those this weekend. Here’s a quick rundown of a selection of things going on this weekend. Remember you can also go to our calendar for even more events!

(And if we’ve forgotten anything, e-mail us at info@EdmontonNerdList.com and we’ll add it too!)

Friday, July 22
EPL Hearthstone Fireside Gathering
YEG Extra-Life at K-Days (July 22-July 31)
LARGECON LARP Convention Begins (July 22-24)
Blue’s Java Bar BBQ & Board Game Night
(July 22-July 31)-10 Day Lure Party at KDays


Saturday, July 23
Simply Yours Café Pokémon Go Party
Edmonton Eskimos Great Pokemon Catch
Pokémon Invasion at Tabletop Cafe
Pokémon TCG Steam Siege Prelease at Warp 2
Team Instinct Meetup
Saturday Morning Cartoons at Harcourt House
Saturday Morning All You Can Eat Cereal & Cartoons (Metro Cinema)

Sunday, July 24
Pokémon Go Lure Party at the Canadian Brewhouse
Lattitude Presents-Colouring Party
Cosplay Photoshoot at Just Be Cos

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