Monday Nerdy Crowdfunding Update!

I’ve been debating as to how to make a regular feature out of Nerdy Kickstarters in Edmonton and I’m going to try making it a Monday feature. Posting only once about a funding initiative doesn’t really seem fair…

-We haven’t talked about Apocalypse Kow since their Spring Fling back in June…. Their IndieGoGo campaign is doing well but could still use your help if you want to see the CD that “dozens have clamored for!”

-The other recent funding drive we’ve covered, Like Mist Over The Eyes, is doing well too! Check out the Kickstarter and get in on funding the second book in the series by local authour Thea Van Diepen!

Got a Nerdy Edmonton Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other crowdfunding initiative you’d like us to add to our (hopefully) regular updates? Drop us a line at and we’ll try and help spread the word!

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