Monday Kickstarters & Causes Update – Nov. 21

This week we have Rigby Muldoon’s Kickstarter added to our update list. They’re giving out some cool t-shirts for supporting them too! Additionally, today is the last day of Spider-Mable: The Film’s IndieGoGo. Check it out and get in on it if you can.

(Also, congrats to Carys Cuttlefish on being fully funded already!)

Now Funding:

Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation Kickstarter (16 days left)

Apt To Game GoFundMe  (Open-ended funding campaign for new store opening in December)

Fantastic Friends-A colouring book by Carys Cuttlefish- Kickstarter (19 Days Left)

SpiderMable: The Film IndieGogo (1 Days Left)

Know of a campaign we should add to this list? Send us an e-mail at  and we’ll put it up too!

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