Kickstarters & Causes Dec. 5

Looking for a local endeavour to support? We’ve got a few. This week, we added in the GoFundMe page for Inception VR (Which is still running on Whyte Ave) but the really big news is the kickstarter for the Allcade, which has been getting a ton of media attention in its first week.

If you’ve got a Nerdy crowdfunding campaign, e-mail us at and we’ll put it up as well

Now Funding:

Allcade: A Game Console In Your Favourite Retro Cartridge (26 Days left)

Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation Kickstarter (2 days Left)

Inception VR Café GoFundMe (Open-Ended Campaign for VR Café)

Apt To Game GoFundMe  (Open-ended funding campaign for new store opening in December)

Fantastic Friends-A colouring book by Carys Cuttlefish- Kickstarter (Fully Funded! 5 Days Left)

Phobia: A Fearfully Fun Game (19 Days Left)

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