Edmonton Kickstarters & Causes – Dec. 12

Good news everyone! We’ve got two more local Kickstarters fully funded since last week. Rigby Muldoon & the Allcade both passed their funding goals and now there’s only the Phobia Kickstarter left for you guys to support. There’s also the Inception VR & Apt To Game GoFundMe pages if you’re looking to invest in a local business as well.

They said this was a bad time of year to start a crowdfunding campaign… not in Edmonton apparently!

If you’ve got a Nerdy crowdfunding campaign, e-mail us at Info@EdmontonNerdList.com and we’ll put it up as well

Still Funding:

Allcade: A Game Console In Your Favourite Retro Cartridge (19 Days left)

Inception VR Café GoFundMe (Open-Ended Campaign for VR Café)

Apt To Game GoFundMe  (Open-ended funding campaign for new store opening in December)

Phobia: A Fearfully Fun Game (12 Days Left)

Fully Funded:

Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation Kickstarter (Fully Funded!!)

Fantastic Friends-A colouring book by Carys Cuttlefish- Kickstarter (Fully Funded!)