Nerdy Things To Do In Edmonton This Weekend (Dec. 16-Dec. 18)

Wow, it is all Christmas all the time this weekend. If there’s a hall, church or community space near you, there’s likely to be a craft sale, Christmas party or concert going on this weekend. That said, there are a few nerdy things that stand out.

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Oh yeah… apparently there’s some movie out this weekend. I can’t even speak it’s name for risking spoiler outrage though. Have fun at SW though!

Friday, December 16
Deck The LOLS-A Christmas Variety Show

Saturday, December 17
Doctor Whom Holiday Special
The Witchery Market 
Thunderprov: 3rd Annual Holiday Free-for-all!
Computer Science Workshop (By TeamUp Science)
Kingsway Warlords Christmas Party

Sunday, December 18
Princess Mononoke (@ Metro Cinema)
Edmonton Zine Fair 6