UAV Drone Ground School – Feb. 18

Looking to get serious about flying drones? This is about as comprehensive a class as you’ll find in Edmonton. Two full days this weekend courtesy of BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions Inc.

Event page here.

Welcome to BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions Inc.’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground School. The purpose of this 2 day program is designed to familiarize new operators how to safely set up and fly their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Approximately 16 hours in length, we will cover the following:
– Setting up your UAV
– Understanding the components associated with your UAV
– Weather and its impact on UAV flight
– Preparations necessary to safely fly, maintain and store your craft when not in use
– Emergencies
– Legislation for UAV commercial operations
– SFOC Application Process
– Flight planning & airspace Coordination
– UAV safety manual requirements for commercial operation
Day 2 will be reserved for actual hands on experience of a UAV

If you have purchased your UAV, we encourage you to bring it with you so that we can discuss your craft components and introduce you to the basics necessary to fly safely. A mini drone will also be provided as part of your classroom registration.