Welcome To Nerd List TV!

We’re going to be trying to get a bit more local exposure to Edmonton streams and we’ll be hosting a variety of local streamers & events. Eventually there’ll be a set schedule but for now you can tune in and see great local streamers like MTashed, UnsanityLIVE, binary cupcakes, PlayingBoardGames, YEGExtraLife and so many more!

Click follow or just tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/edmontonnerdlist, you’re only ever going to see Edmonton-based content.

(When you tune in the views will count toward the local stream and I hope you’ll go to their channel and give them a follow as well)

Hopefully we’ll be using it in the near future for some original content as well. More news on that soon…

Additionally, we’ll be covering local events & tournaments as well. For example, today you’ll be able to see the Edmonton E-Sports Hearthstone Tournament qualifier (around 1pm, there’s going to be a few minute delay for competitive reasons). A week from now, you’ll also get to see Videogamageddon (GEARs charity 24 hour gaming marathon) at Overklocked Gaming.

Do you have an event or stream you’d like to see covered? Send us an e-mail at Info@EdmontonNerdList.com and we’ll get the word out and feature your event too! (Priority always given to charities & non-profits)

*For more information about Edmonton E-Sport, you can also see the interview I did with them below