Edmonton Kickstarter Watch – March 27

Just a couple of updates on projects this week that coming up in the near future.  Former Artist-In-Residence at Happy Harbor, Creation Oceanic, is putting the final touches on his upcoming campaign and more news will be coming soon. Thieving Jerks will be available on Kickstarter in 4 days, so watch for it this Thursday.

Also, there’s only 4 days left to get in on 5ive: King’s Court & 13 days left to check out Rolling Empires (which could still use your help to reach it’s goal).

Currently Funding on Kickstarter:

5ive: King’s Court by GameStax (Fully Funded!)
Rolling Empires by FongoMongo Games
Leopard 2A6 Lego Kit by Connor Querin

Kickstarters Launching in the near future:

Thieving Jerks by Stray Joker Innovations (Launches in 4 days)
Carthage by SAS Creative (Launching in May)
-Crazy Cat Lady by Tower Guard Games (Launching in June)
-Kaiju Conquest by ATC Games (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Minister Faust (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Creation Oceanic (More news coming soon)

Do you have a Kickstarter coming out that you want on this list? Let me know and I’ll add it too!