Edmonton Nerd List Update – April 9

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. The day job has been busy and life at home looks to get even busier; not just because of yard work season but more on that in a future update.

So what am I updating? Well in short, the website is a mess. I’ve been trying to reorganize it for almost a year now and I’m finally ready to streamline everything. First off is the Places category. Anything Nerdy you can physically go to in Edmonton goes into this category.

You’ll also notice that each listing is getting tags to describe what you might find there. For the most part there’ll be a maximum of five tags per listing (though sponsors get 10).

If you’re open to helping out, please double-check the links in each new category (starting with Places) & report back if anything doesn’t work or seem right to you. There’s over a thousand listings to check and I could really use the help.

For the moment though, you can expect to see a little bit of re-organization every week until I’ve got the final layout (this isn’t even my final form!).

What else is happening? The video segments will resume soon on Youtube/Facebook once I get the format finalized and there’ll be a Patreon Update happening soon as well. Once the re-organization is complete, there’s a plan for Twitch as well.

For a variety of reasons it’s time to kick my own butt into high gear and get this site to what I want it to be now that there’s an actual plan for it. Expect some more big news soon and some more fundraising for Extra Life as well!

See you guys very soon!