Edmonton Kickstarter Watch – May 8th


Kind of an in-between week for Kickstarters. Those three student campaigns launch on Friday this week (and are only up for seven days, as opposed to the standard 30 days) and you can see a demo of them at 6:30pm tomorrow night at The Gamer’s Lodge. See the event link here.

Currently Funding on Kickstarter:
Pool Cleaner in Space by Stercore Games (27 days left)
Diceborn Heroes (22 days left)

Kickstarters Launching in the near future:
-Three EDAC student campaigns (launching May 12)
Carthage by SAS Creative (Launching May 17)
-Crazy Cat Lady by Tower Guard Games (Launching in June)
Rolling Empires (Launching this summer)
-Kaiju Conquest by ATC Games (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Minister Faust (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Creation Oceanic (More news coming soon)

Do you have a Kickstarter coming out that you want on this list? Let me know and I’ll add it too!