Nerdy Things To Do In Edmonton This Weekend June 16-18

Well, this is the busiest Friday I’ve seen in a little while. The Apocalypse Kow Spring Fling is tonight at Happy Harbor and they’ll have their friends YEG DND: Improv Edition along with them tonight. The Tough As F**K Action Film festival kicks off tonight at Metro Cinema as well. Fur-Eh 2017 started yesterday and runs all weekend as well. Or you could hang out at the Introverts Reading Night again with the Variant Edition crew…

Tomorrow has the launch of a new edition of Warhammer 40K so there are launch parties at multiple local gaming stores (I listed the Thunderground one) and there’ll be free Role-Playing Game items being given out at multiple stores as well. West Edmonton Mall will have a couple of events as well with a famous voice actor at Alchemy Apparel and the Extra Life Games On A Boat fundraiser (get a picture of yourselves playing board games on a pirate ship!).

If I’ve missed anything, send me an e-mail at and I’ll add your event as well.

June 16
The Apocalypse Kow Spring Fling – June 16
DEDfest Tough As F**K International Action Film Festival: June 16-17
Pac-Man Battle Royale Tournament
Introvert’s Reading Night Out!
Cards Against Humanity Tournament
Late Night Game Night @ The Gamers’ Lodge
EPL Fireside and Tourney (Hearthstone)
Fur-Eh! 2017 (June 15-18)

June 17
Free RPG Day
Games On A Boat
Alchemy Apparel Presents Kirby Morrow
Red Claw’s Semi Annual Bitz Swap Version 5
TG Warhammer 40K 8th Launch Party
Soirée Jeux / Game Night (Alliance Francaise)

June 18
Warp 2 Star Wars LCG Store Champ
Encore: Colossal at Metro Cinema