Edmonton Fringe Spotlight #5: Harold Of Galactus

This has always been one of my favourite local improv shows and I’m glad to see it’s not just back but getting bigger. Catch three world-renowned improv artists in one amazing show. Mark Meer, Chris Craddock & Jacob Branigan combine to form one awesome nerdy show!

Check the event link here.

The Improvised Comic Book! Master improvisors (and maximum-level nerds) Chris Craddock and Mark Meer present the entire career of a brand-new superhero created by the audience, from the Golden Age of comics to the “Grim & Gritty” 1980’s and beyond! A loving tribute to the world of secret identities, hidden lairs, atomic accidents, and unbridled adventure!

*In a bold new mutation, this year’s Harold of Galactus Fringe offering will feature LIVE ANIMATION on the Garneau Theatre’s majestic cinema screen, provided by the newest member of our Rogue’s Gallery… world-renowned improv artist Jacob Banigan! Excelsior! ‘Nuff said!

“…improv virtuosos… you can’t go wrong with Harold of Galactus; it’s a catalyst for giggle fits.” -Edmonton Journal, 4 stars

“…one of the best improv shows at the Fringe… amazing improv artists… you can’t miss Harold of Galactus!” -Edmonton Sun, 4 stars

“With two of Edmonton’s improv powerhouses behind it all, Harold of Galactus isnot only technically impressive, but hilarious to boot.” – Vue Weekly, 4 stars

Harold of Galactus will appear at the 2017 Edmonton International Fringe Festival in the Garneau Theatre (8712 109 St.).

Online tickets will be available at noon on August 9.

Aug 18 – 5:45pm
Aug 19 – 10:30pm
Aug 25 – 7:45pm
Aug 26 – 6:15pm