Nerdy Things To Do In Edmonton This Weekend Oct. 20-22

If you haven’t checked out DEDfest, this is your last weekend to do so! They’ve got some interesting films on display (including a very timely showing of GEEK GIRLS on Saturday!). Beyond that, the scares abound with the Night of Fear Festival tonight in St. Albert and Dead Centre of Town in Fort Edmonton Park.

Some other interesting things to check out include a “Stranger Things” Musical tonight, two full days of Table Top Wargames with Onslaught, the Animethon Fall Swap Meet and the premiere showing of the Walking Dead at The Rec Room on Sunday.

One thing to check out on Sunday too is the RAAS opening in West Edmonton Mall. It’s a semi-permanent installation featuring a ton of local makers/booths. Very interested to check it out!

As usual, if I’ve missed anything just send me a message at and I’ll include it.

Friday, October 20
DEDfest X: The Final Chapter  (Oct. 17-22)
Night of Fear Festival 2017 (St. Albert)
Dead Centre of Town X (Oct. 13-31)
Welcome To Hawkins – The Improvised Stranger Things Musical

-Saturday, October 21
Onslaught begins (Oct. 21-22)
Animethon Fall Swap Meet
DEDfest presents Todd & the Book of Pure Evil:The End of the End
Nightmare Fundraiser (@Bedouin Beats)
DEDfest presents GEEK GIRLS

Sunday, October 22
Harry Potter Family Trivia Challenge 
RAAS Market Grand Opening @West Edmonton Mall
Hearthstone Fireside Gathering Tournament
Post-Apocalyptic Makeup and Costume with Gaylynne and Christy
Zombie Godfather: Films of George A. Romero at Metro Cinema
Premiere Party: The Walking Dead @ The Rec Room
Victor Crowley – DEDfest 2017 Closing Night Presentation