DPX – Direct-Play Expo 2018 is coming to Edmonton! May 18-21

I’m not sure why this time of year seems to always bring a ton of new developments in the Edmonton Nerd scene but I’m certainly not complaining! New stores, new events and a new Convention!

The people behind the Direct-Play Expo envision it as a chance to bring all sorts of gamers together. I’m happy to be the first that many of you will be hearing it from (I’m a little obsessive) and I hope to see you all there playing a game, attending a panel or just taking it all in!

Check out the event page here, the website here and follow them on Facebook here for more updates!

We might not all identify under one name but, in one form or another, we are all Gamers. From acquiring our first hotel in Monoploy during a family vacation, harvesting crops in Farmville before a big meeting, or vanquishing vex as part of a fireteam in Destiny; we all game. But what does that actually mean. Join us on a 4-day celebration, as we experience games from all genres and forms, join in discussions that explore what is a game, and learn what goes into making a game from concept to finished product.