Artist Alley

Do you like/love the Artist Alleys at Animethon or the Edmonton Expo? Want to keep those great local artists fed? We’re running an online version 365 days a year and the best part is it’s absolutely free for the artists on it!

**Edit-There’s been a ton of interest from artists who have a system that doesn’t really do affiliate links or commission. So we’re opening the Artist Alley up to Patreon sponsors as well. The cost is $1 per month and the link is Just sign up for the $1 tier and send me a message at!

The Nerd List does get a commission for a successful sale of any of the items you see below but it’s the hosting website that pays it (e.g. Etsy, Society 6, etc.). If you like what we’re doing, consider purchasing one of the amazing works shown below and helping both the Nerd List and some amazing artist. (That said, make sure to click on their store page and check out everything else they’ve got!)

Want to have some of your work in here too? Just send me a link to your online store and have a minimum of three items you’ve created (and are offering for sale). I can be reached at Also, don’t forget to check out our local makers & retailers in our Vendor Hall!

Anurain Design – Custom Metal Stamped Science & Skeptic Jewelry

Gamer Geek Stamped Ring- Thick Wrap Ring- Gamer Ring- Adjustable Aluminum Silver Stamped Wine is My Spirit Animal Wine Bottle Stopper- Wine Funny Bottle Topper Seal for Wine -Metal Alcohol Bottle Plug -Wine Lover Gift Cork Player 1 Player 2 Game Keychains- Gamer Friends Couples  Matching Set- Stamped Aluminum Silver Keychain Key Ring

Attic Raiders – An Edmonton Steampunk Store

Leather Umbrella Holster Set , Steampunk Holster , Steampunk Umbrella , Steampunk Holder , Steampunk Costume , Leather Holster , Holster Steampunk Lace Fan and Parasol , Steampunk Parasol, Steampunk Fan , Steampun Wedding , Steampunk Costume , Lace Parasol , Lace Fan Pocket Watch Holder , Steampunk Pocketwatch , Pocketwatch Holster , Holder , Leather Holster , Compass Holder , Watch Strap , Steampunk

Cherry’s Stitches – Custom Knitted, Perler Beads & Cross-Stitch

Jughead Jones Juggie Whoopie Cap Hat Toque Deadpool Love Quote Cross Stitch Wonder Woman Perler Bead Magnet

Chris Moet – Illustrator & Graphic Design

Curse of the Tyrannosaurus Mummy Art Print Gork Abduction & Experimentation Co. Art Print Boss Monster Art Print

Elements Apparel Shop – Nerd Culture Collectibles

Magic the Gathering D20 Dice Macrame Black Hemp Twine Choker/Necklace with beads made of Real Jasper Stone for the Geeky Girls! DC Inspired Superhero Fleecy Pet Bandana: Batman, Superman and Wonder Women / Batgirl, Medium and Large Sizes for your Nerdy Dog CUSTOM MADE*** Real Leather Double, Triple or Quadruple Wrap Bracelets just for you! Can include Real Gemstones and Hemp Macrame Designs!

Eric Gravel Illustration – Fan Art & Other Nerdy Goodness!!!

Princess Leia Fan Art Print Kida Atlantis Fan Art Print Arrow Fan Art Print

Graymalkin Lane – Art you can cuddle

Map Quilt Pixelated Trooper Throw Quilt Post-Apocalyptic Videogame Hack Screen Quilt

Greatfuzzball – Hand-Drawn Anime Fanart & Illustrations


Ironclad Folly – Make of Fine & Strange Arts

Visit Edmonton - Alberta's Own Frozen Wasteland posterPrincesses of Wrestling: Legion of Frost Carpe Panem Die-Cut Old-School Tattoo Sticker

Jpruden Art – Fantasy Art by Jamie Pruden
16"x20" Vader Arrives On Hoth 16"x20" Spock deadpool


Jeff Martin

Where Is Zog?  Wrestlemon HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling - Super Max Edition

Pickletoez – The Work of Mel Hohn

Sparkly Person Decal - Vinyl Swearword Sticker Wonderwoman Watercolor Print 9x12 Wash Firefly Watercolor Print 9x12

Sabtastic – Illustrator

Birdblobs in Space (3 for 1 sale!) Morrigan Pinup Print Harley Quinn in Copic Marker - Small Digital Print

Tiffany Tate – Illustrator

The Many Faces of Vincent Price Art Print Hang in There iPhone Skin caught me Wall Clock


11x17 - Futaba Sakura Print - Persona 5 11x17 League of Legends Arcade skins print Splatoon 5x7 print - Calle in Kimono


Alien 5x7 Print - Ripley and Jones Vetra 5x7 Print Shitty Kitty 30mm Hard Enamel Pins *PREORDER*

Weissidian – Art of Elizabeth Blundell

Ghost 5.5x5.5" Vinyl Sticker Sheet  

Looking for more local nerdy artists? Check out our Artists & Designers page too!