We normally only mention one or two events per day but there are certainly a lot more. Please note that you can also check out the Northern Nerd’s Upcoming Events Calendar for even more Nerdy events in Edmonton.

(for an archive of past events, please check 2016 Events or 2017 Events)

Upcoming events:



September 29
Game-A-Lot Begins (Sep 29-Oct. 1)

September 30
EFGC Presents Kings Of Strong Style (Fighting Game Tournament)

October 1
An Afternoon with Chris Hadfield Oct. 1st

October 7
Nerd Nite Presents: Alan Cross’s Music Quiz – Oct. 7th

October 9
Turkey Shoot! The Mummy at Metro Cinema

October 10
Experience Points Music @ The Yardbird Suite

October 11
Nerd Nite #37

Friday, October 13, 2017
Festival Of Fear (Film Festival)
IntrigueCon Begins (Oct. 13-15)
Harry Potter Festival of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Game Jam – Fall Semester 2017
Dead Centre of Town Begins (Oct. 13th-31st)

Saturday, October 14
Mission: Inflatable
Edmonton Hearthstone Tournament
Reel Family Cinema: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
VR Haunted House Event By High Score & Inception VR
Trilogy of Terror: Ode to Poe Radio Show
Night Gallery: Skeleton Farm’s Halloween Horrorshow at Metro

Sunday, October 15
Post-Apocalyptic Makeup and Costume with Gaylynne and Christy
Social Deduction Sunday @ Apt To Game
2017 League Of Legends Group stage day 8 VOD @ High Score
Pub Quiz Night @ Pawn & Pint
Sci-Fi Cinema presents Brazil at Metro Cinema

October 17

Dedfest begins (Oct. 17-22)

October 19
Dark Matters: ‘Fears & Phobias’

October 21
Onslaught begins (Oct. 21-22)
Animethon Fall Swap Meet

October 25

October 28
Halloween Comicfest
Let’s Talk Science presents School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Science is Magic

October 29
Fall Edmonton Pop Culture Fair

November 3
-Thor: Ragnarok releases in Theatres

November 4, 2017
Extra Life 2017

November 17
-Justice League Releases in Theatres
Alberta Pop Culture & Cosplay Extravaganza begins (Nov. 17-18)

November 18
Local Comic Shop Day

November 28
The Music Of Star Wars @ The Winspear (Nov. 28-29)

December 15
-Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in theatres