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Q4 Warhammer Underworlds Doubles Tournament

September 15, 2019 @ 11:30 am - 4:30 pm MDT

**You must contact the store to sign up**

For our fourth quarter of Warhammer Underworlds Night Vault, we’re hosting a Doubles Tournament! The Tournament will be held on Sunday September 15th at 11:30 am.

The tournament will be a round robin style event. There will be a cap of six teams with two players each, and anymore will be added to a waiting list.

When you sign up, you and your partner will need to sign up with your own war band, objective and power decks. These decks cannot change during the event. Deck building will follow all the existing rules, and we will be following the banned and restricted card lists. The war band you play with will need to be Battle Ready (minimum three colours) and based. We have specific rules for how the teams will interact with each other throughout the event. Please see the end of this document

When you participate you’ll need to bring the following: War band, necessary cards, rule book, boards, dice, tokens and objective markers.

There will be certificates for Best Overall,and Best Painted. The voting for Best Painted will happen during the event, by the participants. The scoring goes as follows:
At the end of each game, you will be tallying up your Glory Point difference between your team and your opponent’s team. The difference between will be added to the total points. Best Overall will be awarded to the team that earns the most points total.

All participants will get some awesome swag, and the team who earns Best Overall will be awarded a gorgeous trophy made from Shadeglass!

Rules for playing with a partner, in a 2 vs 2 format of Underworlds

Turn order, number of objectives and their placement will follow the Multiplayer rules from the Underworlds Rule book

Board placement will go as follows: Both teams will roll off. The winner of the roll will choose which team will deploy their boards first and third, and the other team will deploy their boards second and fourth.

Each partner must use a unique war band (eg. both cannot play Mollog’s Mob)

Each partner scores their own Glory, and can only spend Glory on upgrades for their own war band. But to work out the result of the game, both sets of partners add up their total Glory and compare it to their opponents.

The most recent Ban/Restricted card list is in use, but with one difference. Both partners may only have five restricted cards between all of their decks. No duplicates of restricted cards may be taken between them (eg. only one Soul Trap card in either deck). When deck building it is recommended that both partners build their decks at the same time, so they can agree on a tactic to whom gets which restricted card in their individual decks.

Each partner may still have their own copy of non-restricted cards in their deck. (Eg. both players may still have their own copy of cards like Great Fortitude, or Annihilation)

For the purposes of Support for attacks and the like, your partner’s miniatures count as friendly.

Any gambit/spell that affects friendly miniatures affects your partner’s miniatures.

Each team must be of two people. If your partner is unavailable to attend, you must have a new partner to play with. There will not be an option for a ringer to take the place of your partner.



September 15, 2019
11:30 am - 4:30 pm


Games Workshop: West Edmonton