he recently placed 1st at Canada Cup beating the likes of Flipino Champ, RayRay, Flux and Noel Brown. He also has in the past played in exhibition matches vs Infrit (Placed 2nd at Evo 2012) in which Bee won. He played Fanatiq who was considered one of the best players in the world. He also placed 17th at evo 2013. He is currently the only player on Canada Cup Gamings sponsorship to be a Marvel player and to have beaten any of the Marvel Gods.


He is west canads best player and here is a list of his accomplishments

TEG|SuperBoomFan is arguably the best smash bros 64 player, rivaled only by Isia.

He won Apex’s smash bros 64 tournament as well as Smash Con a full list of his accomplishments this year alone are on his wikipedia page.